Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Satire in News

I think that fake news is better than real, serious news. It makes it more entertaining to learn about what's going on all around the world. things we should only know to be "good" citizens of America. We can learn about it and laugh at the same time. If we feel and emotion with it, then we will remember it more. Maybe it's anger, or softhearted feeling. We remember it better because we can associate it with a feeling. Not just words or a picture.

I think teens don't care that much about news because it doesn't really affect them. They don't see an importance in a lot of things out there. They care about their circle of friends and anything that happens to them, and a few celebrities, and that's about it. Nothing else really affects them, so they don't care. They care about their phones and things that directly affect or impact them immediately. Most people actually do. Most people care about things that affect them. Otherwise, what's the point? It doesn't matter. What people need the learn, I think is to respect other people more. And what they care about. Everybody has different interests, worries and cares in life. Teens especially need to look at other people, and not just themselves. Care about other things than their phones and that "John" just unfriended them on Facebook. I think news has a part of that though. We think it is normal to know all that is going on all the time. And when we don't, we feel that we need to know. Anything can be news, it's just a matter of how you look at it. We need to know everything. But, we don't care about all the other stuff. Like the politics and stuff, that's boring. That's not even like news. That's just old people stuff, who don't have anything better to talk about.

News is news and will always be news. It will always be there no matter what we think. There will not come a time where news isn't relatively important. It will always be there and someone will always care.

Friday, May 23, 2014

People are Immortal?

Holograms of famous people performing have been made over the last few years. Not just Micheal Jackson, which is the latest, but of Tupac, Sinatra, Presley, and a few others.  Use of hologram technology recently that we don't really know about.

"The technology is undeniably impressive," Gurney wrote."But (Michael) is not a fictional character, owned by a studio, but a real-life human being. His work may be owned and licensed, but not his entire being. It is impossible to know how he'd have felt about being on that stage."

"What do you think? Do holograms pay tribute or exploit late artists?"- question asked on CNN

Does this seem uncomfortable, a little weird, or like cool and totally okay? 

Should we continue in this sort of technology? Why or why not?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Media Experience

Growing up with media being a foreign concept was kinda difficult and weird. Weird to everybody around me besides at home. I never watched Cartoons or Disney or any movies or listened to songs. I was totally separated from that. I never had anything to add to conversations about any music or movies. I was always quiet. If anybody asked me about anything I would just shrug and grin. I used to be thought of as shy and quiet. But, really I just never had anything to say. I felt like in a foreign place. I started to learn more about the world and technology, and all this media stuff that I didn't know about, in fifth grade. I started to talk more and not care what anybody thought about my weirdness.

Media was never a direct influence to me. Other people's thoughts and views about media were how I knew and learned about anything related to it. I was influenced by other people's opinions. I only heard actual news and important world phenomenons from school.  I would go home and tell my parents about it. And if they and/or I was interested in it, I would look it up on the computer and learn a little about it, just to know.

The world as a whole, doesn't know what to think. We always change our opinions about everything. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, we just can't stay consistent. We don't know how to think for ourselves. We let other people's thoughts become our own. We let news, TV, and politics, and just all media, influence us, and our opinions. our own thoughts aren't even like ours. They are just basically what the media has showed us. We don't trust ourselves to think our own thoughts.  Media influences all that we do. We are constantly aware of a lot of things that are going on. Everybody can know what we are doing like all the time.

Media influences us in ways that we don't even notice. Young girls have this "ideal" body image set in their minds of what they want to be. They strive for this model perfection, which is considered beautiful to like everybody. And, sometimes they create this false idea of goodness that they want to be, and their self confidence goes down. They become more insecure, which isn't exactly healthy.

Children become accustomed to violence, drugs, and all that is shown in many movies and shows. They come to think that it is a normal thing. And that it's okay.

Media has good aspects to learn many things, and for entertainment. But, I think that the world needs to start noticing more how much the media actually affects us, and start to maybe think more about making decisions about what to do about it.

Friday, April 25, 2014


Okay, so my news source covered only the Twin cities area, so I didn't know like anything that was happening around the world. My news source was Minnpost so its was obviously only for only people that live around this area.

I was really bored with this website the whole time, until the last day. There was a story that caught my interest and then I started to read other stories and it actually wasn't that bad. The story was about antidepressant medicines and if they really work in teens. This relates to me, so yeah, I read it. And it made me think about the fact that this news source isn't that dumb and boring. It is to me because I don't care about most of the stories on it, but it actually is pretty good. If you connect or have an interest with a topic then you will like it.

The point of news is to inform the public. But, why is there so much crap put out there then? Like things that we all don't need to know. I believe that it is for entertainment. To make us have something "interesting" to talk about. To make us smile and not think about real things that we worry and stress about. Much of news is entertainment these days. I think it is there to give us something to smile about after hearing all the wretchedness of the world. News shows and stuff always put in stupid little things to try and make you laugh and relax or something. Because there really is a lot of bad news that is always happening.

There are news sources all over. Lots of them. Even though many of them have similar world or breaking news stories, many news sources cover different topics. News sources have specific areas of "news" that they cover, like celebrity or certain towns or politics. News has different purposes for different people. For different areas of the state, country, and world. Whatever is relative to that particular area.

News is important. No matter what, we all hear things and know and figure out things that are new to us, which is then news. We all use news to figure things out and to just know things. We are curious people. We always want to know what is happening all the time. Even when it has nothing to do with us whatsoever. Completely unrelated to our lives, we still just need to know. We are a knowing world, and we need news.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I guess that I haven't really thought about the design of many things. Like, everything out there is designed somehow sometime. Everything down to the most simple things, like a pencil even. It was designed by someone. Every single non-living thing we see, hear or touch was designed. It's seems kinda weird to think about. But normal at the same time. Everything has a purpose. What out there doesn't have a purpose? Everything is created for a reason.

Design is a very important part of any sort of publication. It needs to look good for people to read it. It needs to catch people's attention and make them interested. If something is really boring then the point is not going to come across. People aren't going to read it. We need to design everything in a way to make it work. It needs to work efficiently. Design is used for everything. For things to sound good, look good, feel good, smell good...... all the senses. all aspect have to be thought of when designing an object.

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Future

The future is going to be a world where technology is going to be used for everything. This generation of kids don't know what it's like to live without internet or cell phones. There isn't going to be any old people, that lived with none of that, to tell us to live where people actually had to figure things out themselves. The world is going to be be better in a lot of materialistic ways, but people are going to have way worse morals and ethics. Nothing is going to be considered that bad anymore. People are going to be doing worse and worse things to be considered bad or criminals. Little kids are playing and seeing video games of killing and war and messed up worlds. They start to think that this is normal and okay. They become immune to the wretchedness of the real world. It all starts to become okay. In the future "small" crimes today aren't going to be considered crimes anymore. Everything is going to get worse and worse. People are going to accept almost anything. The future news will be very accessible for everyone. News will pertain to you. You will be automatically showed everything important and necessary for citizens to know. The world will always be updated with important things, so everybody will be knowledgeable in the way of life. Everybody will always be told and shown everything that they need, so they will be fat and lazy. Nobody but the poor people will actually work. They will be the ones to get all the information that everybody needs to know. And then the rich people will send it out to everybody through some bold message and everybody will know. So there won't be a problem about anybody not knowing about government decisions or uprisings or a new drug formula created. So many things that are illegal right now will be legalized in the future. There will be all these new drugs invented that will be legal. They will have so many products and things that people will basically be made out of plastic. We will have synthetic people. Just kidding. Not really. Women will look so fake you won't know if they are real or not. We will have these like plastic robotic servants to do simple tasks for you. And if you don't like them, then you can pay someone of lower status (poor) instead.

Journalism is going to be designed for the dumb. But the people won't even actually be dumb. Nobody will actually be dumb, they will just all not feel like doing anything. So journalism will become images. You won't have to ever really read anything. You will just know what you want to know my looking. You be able to see an image and it will tell you all that you need to know. Journalism will not be what we consider it to be. It will basically just happen. There won't be long written stories for people to read. Newspaper businesses will all be shut down. We won't even hardly use paper for anything any more. Some newspaper companies will be smart and go more digital and web based and eventually transfer over to just photos and videos. People will not really want to know anything unless it relates to them or anything  that matters to them, like their favorite famous people. Or unless there is some sort of scandalous situation where someone is cornered and talked about. Like gossipy things. Why does the human nature like things like that so much? We will always want to talk about things like that. Since the beginning of time scandalous things have been "'news" for everybody. They are so popular for people to talk about. And, we still talk about things that have happened a long time ago.  Scandals that happened even in ancient times are still brought up today.

The definition of journalism will change. It will still be a way to spread news and information, but not really as through a form of "literature" or writing. It will be a form of knowing. You will just look, and know. It will still be about broadcasting news, but not with writing anymore.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Dad's Story

This is my dad's story about when he learned that he has diabetes. All his words are in blue, and my mom interrupts a few times, and her words are in pink.

"Me and mom got married and we had our first baby boy, Dale, at the end of December. I was 25 when he was born. And in January we got a call from Pappa to do a job in Florida and we had brand new baby Dale who was 2 weeks old, and we took Dad's truck and drove to Michigan and stayed at Grandpa and Grandma's and then drove to Florida. "We took that job because we had been sitting with no work for weeks and weeks. We had to take it." I was sick before we left but I thought I would get over it, like it was a flu or something. And I went anyways. We drove to Florida with me being sick, and we got to the cabin that we were remodeling and Pappa and Mummu and the owner of the cabin were there. And we all stayed on sight, like at the place we were working on, with a generator and no running water. And mom having a new born baby, was only aware of herself and her new baby's needs and was not seeing how dad, I, was struggling with being sick. "I was not! I noticed." So we continued to work on the cabin from morning till dark, and my mom would make lunch and supper for us and Karen would help, with no running water to help with all normal needs. Anyways, I continued to be sick while I was there and not knowing what I was sick with, I became very thirsty. It became an unquenchable thirst. And I was having to go to the bathroom many times in an hour all day and all night. My body was trying to flush out all the sugars even though I didn't know it. And having no water, I drank pop all the time. Way too much pop. And that complicated my problems without me knowing it. I started to lose a lot of weight, I had to tie a string around my pants to hold them up. I lost a total of at least 30 pounds. But being young and strong, I continued to work hard and long everyday. Which assisted me in maintaining my health. I continued to lose weight. I started to get stomach cramps but I would work right through then and they would subside and go away. And my mom, watching me work everyday, started to notice that my symptoms were that of diabetes because her brother had had it. And at that point I had never heard of diabetes in my life. I had no idea what it was, so she explained it to me. And so I quit drinking pop and focused on drinking more water and milk and just coffee, and avoided more sugary foods like fruit. I ate like regular foods. Which helped eased the symptoms a little bit. By this time I was down to 138 pounds "He was 160 pounds when we got married." and I was looking very drawn and thin. My muscles were using all the stored energy in my body which made me extremely skinny but kept me alive. My body was constantly trying to flush out all the sugars so I was constantly drinking and using  it and I had an unquenchable thirst. Having to go bathroom like that, I couldn't get any sleep at night, so I became extremely fatigued. I had to go bathroom every 20 minutes, living in a house that had no running water or lights. "I would get all the melted ice from the cooler and I would pour it in a jar for him to drink." I would drink jar after jar of water it was crazy. I couldn't drink enough. The thirst was unbearable. My body was trying to flush it out of my systems and bring my sugar down, my mouth felt like cotton. My sugar was so high. But my body was healthy and was able to maintain, sustain, the duration of this problem until I got help. Which was 6  weeks from the beginning to the end of the trip, which is when I went to the doctor. How come I didn't go to the doctor right away? Because I lived in Canada and I was in the United States. I couldn't last 3 hours without going bathroom all the way there and that was before I had like any problems. It was nasty, just brutal. and then I got home and went to the doctor. It was an extremely enduring trip home. It was a hard trip. Trying not to stop every half hour to go pee. "It was very a trying time." I went to the doctor when I got home, and they did some blood work and then I went home. When the results came in they called and said I had to go to the emergency center right away. "The hospital." So I went to meet the doctor at the emergency room and they admitted me to the hospital telling me that I was a very sick man. My sugar levels were so high, that my body's response should have been in a coma. And I thought I felt good compared to before. They were shocked by my condition, they kept me overnight for observation and blood tests and to monitor my conditions. My body was still healthy and strong and was able to clean my system out of any waste from the high sugar levels but was definitely on the verge of deterioration. The doctors were unsure of what I had in the beginning because my blood was so clean. The only symptoms were such high blood sugar levels at that point, but the determination of what I had was that of juvenile diabetes. Diabetes type 1, where the body destroys the insulin creating cells in the pancreas quite steadily. So then I had to start taking insulin and adjusting my life style to insulin shots daily and with my diet. I couldn't consume enough food. My body was starving. It took me about a year to gain my weight back and my strength. And fortunately I have had no severe side effects for the 21 years of diabetes as I've had it. End of story. I've had a quite a few experiences in life.... more than the average person my age. Why is that?"